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Preparing for the Harvest

MAY 16th 2022


Scripture References:

Acts 5:11-16

Psalm 133:1

Isaiah 64:1-4

Malachi 3:1-3

Malachi 3:14-18


  1. Disciple makers

  2. The fear of the Lord

  3. One with the Lord

  4. Supernatural love

  5. The baptism of fire

  6. His precious jewels



God is changing the face of the Church to its original intention. He is preparing us not only to be soul winners, but also to be disciple makers. All of us, in some capacity, will be discipling the harvest. It is important for us to take a thorough look at what the early church was like. What were the things done by the early church that enabled them to walk in such a great measure of power, authority and fruitfulness?

The early church had a holy reverence for the Lord. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We fear the Lord by exalting His Word. We exalt His Word by inquiring of Him before we make any moves. Peter was so given to fellowship with the Lord that he became one with the Lord. What was emanating from him was Jesus Christ Himself. To be possessed by the Holy Spirit means to have the Holy Spirit wear us like a garment. It is the giving over to the Holy Spirit that produces what we read about in Acts 5.

Koinonia talks about the supernatural love that the early church had. They, both men and women, were in unity. Their hearts were knit together. In order for us to be able to make disciples of this great harvest that is coming in, we are going to have a deeply rooted and divine love of God. We need Jesus to teach us how to be like Him. God is looking for those who will lay down their lives so He can live through them.

The Lord is raising up a company of people that will prepare the way of the Lord. What we are going to experience in a greater measure, before the second coming of Christ, is the outpouring of the fire of God. The baptism of fire is going to set things on fire in us, burn things off of us and be contagious. Once we go through this fire, we are going to see who God created us to be. We are priests that need to be purified.

God is going to lift us up in some of the darkest hours. We are going to be as the people of Israel, when they were living in Goshen. The plagues were hitting Egypt, but it didn’t come near their dwelling place. God is going to glorify His name through us. He is going to cause the people on the earth to envy our relationship with Him and desire to know Him. He will call us His precious jewels and special possession.

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