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The Character and Currency of the Kingdom Of God Part 2

APRIL18th 2022


Scripture References:

Psalm 40

Acts 1:8

John 15:35

John 11:1-45

Hebrews 4:16

Acts 8:4-8

Acts 3:6

Romans 12:1

2 Corinthians 9:10

Matthew 25:14-30

Genesis 12:2


  1. Faith is a Knowing

  2. Qualified to be Jesus' witnesses

  3. We have an audience with God

  4. God has always been after us

  5. Laid down Lives



When we look at the mighty men of God in the Bible, we often focus on their strength and victories. These mighty men also went through times of confusion, trouble and needing direction. The book of Psalm gives us an inside look at David’s time with the Lord and at what he did in those difficult seasons of his life. In Psalm 40, he waited patiently, with the right spirit. He knew that the Lord would come through for Him, even though he didn’t know when. Faith is a knowing and not a feeling.

God is not afraid of getting down to where we are at. He picks us up and places us on the ascending path that leads to holiness, His presence and our destiny in Him. In the midst of difficulty, we can remember the promises that the Lord has spoken over our lives and allow a new song to rise up in us. For we are not led by our emotions, but by the Spirit. It is through people like David, who choose to trust in the Lord regardless of what comes their way, that others will see God’s miracles. David is a prophetic shadow of us today, but now we have the Holy Spirit living INSIDE of us. He makes us qualified to be Jesus’ witnesses. Jesus formed in us (His character and integrity), will allow us to walk unprecedented levels of authority.

We can trust God’s character and track record. When we come to Him, we must know that He is listening. We can come boldly to His throne of grace. Even when we cry, He bottles our tears. He draws near to the brokenhearted. We have an audience with God. His thoughts about each one of us individually, that He already had even before we were formed in our mother’s womb, is like the sand on the seashore. That’s how great God’s love is for us. From Genesis to this day, God has always been after us. He is looking for our obedience and the heart connection that comes with it. We are the living sacrifice that pleases Him.

He has books of prophetic destiny in the heavenly library written for each one of us. These books of promises go from being in heaven to being written upon our hearts. Like Philip, we can be full of joy and fill a whole city with that joy. Like Peter and John, we can only give what we have. The more we give, the more the Lord entrusts us with. The more we pour out, the more He pours into us. Our laid down lives bring Him glory and becomes a blessing - bringing healing, deliverance, salvation and prosperity - to others.

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